80 Gy
Der Flimmerodem überstrahlt durch blaues Hart
Nicht gelb bewahrt...
Zerbricht das Spektrum, der Unlichtstrahl, die 8-0-Zahl, der Hinterkopf schon kahl.
Zack zack. Sauer-metallischer Geschmack.
Es penetriert die Haut, tiefer, übertüncht den Genotyp.
Die Augen trüb und zu schnell zum Weinen.
Nur Tropfen, die im Dunkeln scheinen.
Selbstseinsenteignung. Zerfallserscheinung.
Blaues Leuchten, Sekundenschlag.
Es blitzt in weiten Kreisen,
Himmelfahrt der Technikweisen.
Und zu spät: Der Ausstiegsvertrag.
Desintegriert und ganz kühl
Fallen zusammen Tod und Gefühl.
Lichtgestalten, lichtes Grab.
Bei 80 Gy.

Bob's Song
Welcome to my woods
Invite me, I‘ll be here
Penetrating near
Red carpet walls
Backward dancing falls
‚Fire walk(s) with me‘
I am Bob
The Silva spark
The evil that men do
Haunting, coming for you
‚The owls are not what they seem‘
The hint
The reflection
The dream
I feast on your fear
Beg some more
Because I hear
I sow insanity minds clear
I am the rapist in control
Debauchery is my desire
Everytime I walk with
Spell my name under your fingers
While torture lingers
Body stains and human wrecks
Dancing tension, smiling bags
Delight, embodied rock‘n‘roll
And laughing through the mirrorhole
You can abstract, you can‘t subdue
I am the mirroryou
You can‘t get rid of me
By your arm

Remote control collapse
Respirators, leatherlead
Fate commanded on the rooftop
60 seconds to be dead
Victimized scientific proof flop
Dreaming of the monumental energy float
Nuclear powerplant *fail* cursed by deep throat
Mind back then in Chernobyl
The skullshaped cloud and the threatening lights
In thoughts I cry and the I kneel
Where heroes died

Arktis Winter
Schmelzwasserbäche rinnen talwärts von der Stirn
Eisblöcke, Wodka unterkühlen das Gehirn
Das Gipfelsonnengrab thront überm Winterland
Eisgefrorenes feuerfunkelndes Gestirn
Kalt ist die weiße Pracht
Fremdling habe Acht
Der Gletscher driftet vorwärts
Unfassbar alt
Unter Ächzen, Stöhnen
Es gibt kein Halt
Hier drinnen hinaus
Und aus dem Haus
Beulen statt Körperkult
Frostige Pest
Wie einst Sibirien
Das wird ein Fest

Pale horse ride
By art falsified
Legs and body battered
Cubistic shattered
Turn your head
Or your tail instead
You are forced and centered
Death has entered
The bull to the left
Deformed up to the horn
Questioning if hope was born
His look confused
Still guards the sacred child
In death there will be mercy mild
With broken arms
Exhausted charms
Corpse covered floor
And through the door
Light is sent
Towards the end
The burning roofs
They mourn for
The colours left
All grey
Condor not shown

They Always Return
Heavy roaring, backwards thunder from a blackend sky
Heavenly wrath scourges the earth,
Just as to hold some kind of balance
Lightning bolts strike into charcoal ground
Electrifying the grassparts that are left
And at night you can see the roots glowing
But maybe it‘s only the reflection of the fires
In the ruins
Once heartwarmed
Long forgotten
But they always return
Glass jars to catch the acid rain
That bleeds the barren earth dry
And Vodka bottles that are refilled again and again
From a distance the noise sounds of the ghosts
That haunt the lonesome landscape
White appearances, armed, inhuman... but not deformed!
Reaching out with hands
Their gaseous noses sniffing
Their sleepless eyes starring
And finding
Crippled emotions
Of crippled memories
And hope denied
Hear the old foolish
Hear what they say
When they play
And when they fail
The quote is
„Home is where your hole is.“
Where your hell is...

John(ny) Doe
Faceless physical shellshock
White dysfunctional statue
Trench forced me to die
Bed forced me to live
Still falling
I sleep awake
Trying to reach out further (than the hole that I am)
The greedy pillow
Swallows my
Hear me:

To Dig A (W)hole In The Void
Satisfied by moving clouds with a rope
A poetic letter to the world without an envelope
A creampie is pathetic
Wet and newborn
Raw wrath of a sunday morn‘
Hold the big nose high in the sky
All wanting comes from need
Therefore from lack
Therefore from suffering
With every kiss I declare war
My random shots until I am sore
I carry my shovel skin tackled
Heartful of ethic shackles
Do nobody harm
Give thy hands and give thy arm
Me - in blinking multicoloured grey
You - speechless
Not knowing what to say
Grapes, corn, malt and rye
Worth of bread and beverage
Hello and goodbye
My name is

Concrete & Nosebleed
Concrete and nosebleed
Your face is the place to compete
Stuck in a grey coat
Breakfast is a lonely road
Going nowhere to dump your load
Every day a new, it‘s always the blue
No flowers in the hand, undone, without a clue
Antagonist in your own sideshow
That whistles and inhales the blow
Bored masturbation
‚Til nosebleed
Facebook heed
Dissect your aorta, dig for your roots
Whores are for free, not for depressive moods
Ignite yourself, the grenade is your head
Push semen forward, in art you‘re not dead
Be origin
A shovel to give birth
Inhale - Exhale - Inhale - Exhale - Repeat
Denying an image of deceit,
Nosebleed and concrete

Where the present relieves the past
Dark and light, black and white, unite
It mixes in our mind
And it waits
Contextes, structures, all collide
An every action, every rise
Chained to something unknown
That reigns inside
As it reigns behind
Spirals, circles, cycles, forms
It all ends, where it begins
The human brain
Past, present, future, past
And everything
Seems to last
Is not a secure ground
And sight is always blind

Modus Humanis:

We Are The Cavalry
Birdie, sleep well
Far glimpse from hell
Boredom an insecure partner to keep you from death
Rest in your shell
Distant music sounds
Radio, party starts, let's exercise our art
They begin, let us in
Let us go, do our show
We will rock, time to shock
Celebrate, lacerate
Is this honourful?
Staring down, stripped down
Defiled pride
And without a whisper
We are the cavalry

Sie, die dürstet, immer mehr
Suchtvoll, abnorm
Menschlicher Abgrund gleicht einem abyssalen Schlund
Gefüllt mit Ehernem, Gehölz und Blut
Schlingt Phantasie
Der selbsternannte Götze/Raffke
Memento mori, gedenke, dass du ein Mensch bist
So ganz und gar der Welt entrückt,
Fürchtest du nicht, dass die dich beissen,
Die du gebissen, bis aufs Blut
Deine Kehle leuchtet rot, wenn man sie nur ritzt
Rational gekleidet in weiss und rot, welch Freiheitsakt
Zerbricht dein Gesicht, zur Fratze, immer mehr
Und blutig schreit die Gierkehle

Zustand der Blendung
Wärmeschaffende Energie
Sonne trennt den Mensch vom Vogel
Genie den Vater vom Sohn
Aufschwung zum Höhenflug
Zu hohe Freiheit erbt die Ohnmacht
Wille zur Freiheit fällt sein Träger
Im Sturz verschwunden
Das Wasser schluckt die Federn

I am human, cold spectated
Thoughts of myself, mean existence
I have conquered earth on my cerebral ways
Trial and error with its random decays
Waiting - perfection to come
Hoping - mankind in freedom
Research - the truth a sum
Create - a racial kingdom
Slave the weak with force and mind the human rights
Exploit without remorse, dear animal good night
We feed, delete, greed more to eat, the seed is meat, lead the new breed to death and then repeat, we'll finally suceed
Your skin is in, I live within, I cram you fat while I am thin, I love your naked chin, suits perfect to my grin
What you offer, I'm in clover, what you can be, I use for me
Efficient industry, KILL-high technology, no use for empathy, no splashing blood to see
We consume clean, no suffering seen, won't waste a thing(hair and bones and flesh and GELATINE)
Do you remember when? Racial killings again... Won't waste a thing(hair and... bones and... GOLDEN TEETH!)
I can make you cease to be
But why should I?

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